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 I am back from my long drive

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Newbie Loganizer!
Newbie Loganizer!

Number of posts : 54
Age : 71
City, Country : Shimla, India
LOGAN Model : Verito D4
ClubLogan Points : 76
Registration date : 2011-07-04

PostSubject: I am back from my long drive   Wed Aug 10, 2011 7:16 pm

am back from long drive in Verito D4

Friends, I am back in Shimla
after driving Verito for 600 kilometers. Here is a brief report about the
mileage and behaviour of the car.

started from Shimla, my hometown, on 5th August, 2011 to
Yamunanagar, a total distance of 220 kilometers. From Shimla to Kalka, (85
kilometers) the road is hilly with sharp curves and speed driving is not
possible. The weather was fine, though the clouds were dark and threatening the
drivers with heavy rains. Still, no rains until I reached Panchkula in Haryana.
From here, very heavy rain hampered my progress. Water was falling from the sky
like thick sheets and it was not possible for me to see beyond a few meters.
The wipers admitted their defeat in the face of this onslaught of rain. The
situation remained grim for about 30 minutes and I could cover only a few
kilometers, crawling like snail. And then all of a sudden rain god was kind and
rain stopped.

here to Yamunanagar, I could drive Verito at a constant speed of 75 to 80
kilometers per hour. Car is new and I did not want to push it beyond 2000 rpm.
Verito also agreed and with this mutual understanding, we travelled happily. Dashboard
showed 27.1 kilometer per litre consumption, which I feel is real good keeping
in view hill track and heavy rains.

day I went to Kurukshetra University for the conduct of viva voce examination,
a distance of 68 kilometers. The road is good but I had to pass through the
town and this was a real pain. You find all types of vehicles and a typical Haryanavi
does not bother much about traffic rules. It took me eternity to cross this
segment of road but thereafter, speed could be maintained. It happened in the
evening when I was returning. Dashboard indicated 24.2 kilometers per litre.

also drove my lovely Verito (against my good sense) in Yamunanagar town (24
kms). What an experience! You have to have half a dozen eyes to watch all the
six sides. You never know what will happen next. Young crazy drivers exhibiting
their driving skills as if some demon was chasing them. Anyhow, I survived with
my Verito and the average came to be 17.00 kilometers per litre.

day, Monday, I along with my wife started our return journey to Shimla. Even in
the plains, one can find a small upward grade up to Kalka. The weather was fine
but traffic was terrible. Traffic jams at Pinjaur, Kalka and Parwanoo tested my
patience and that of my Verito, but we both came out with flying colours and
thanked God for His grace. You can very well imagine how one feels when one has
to change gears after every 30 seconds. After Parwanoo, the hill road starts
and we found no problem in driving at a moderate speed. At least we could
switch off AC, which was doing a fine job of cooling the car and also my
temper. Friends, I had to use AC for 70 % of the distance and time. It is hot
and humid in plains and folks like me from hills feel very uncomfortable when
we travel in plains. Again, dashboard showed 19.1 kilometers per litre. Not bad
keeping in view AC, traffic and crazy drivers. Overall average came out to be
22.24 kilometers per litre. Good.

car behaved very well like a cultured lady. And I too handled it like a true
gentleman. I never drive very fast as even on National Highways, high speed
does not give any significant advantage over moderate speeds. The saving of
time is minimal and wastage of fuel is optimum. My researches have shown that
high speed leads to high stress and tension, loss of correct judgement of
distance, and wrong decisions often leading to more stress and accidents.

drive gave me comfort and I did not feel tired. Suspension is very good and
handling is excellent. Sometimes, I felt that power was a bit less. I hope
after all free services, the car will open its floodgates and I will get proper
power from this shy lady of a car.

of curve is no problem with this car provided the driver does not apply brakes
suddenly and let the car slow down before reaching a sharp curve. Everything is
smooth and you feel as if you were floating.

irritating thing was the dashboard indicators. Whether you indicate right or
left turn, both arrows on the dashboard will flash simultaneously challenging
your patience. I sent a number of mails to M&M and every time they said that,
nothing could be done to correct this problem. What a shame!

Well friends, that is all for
the day. My overall experience was good and I can say that Verito is a good car
if driven judiciously and with love and care. Mind it, even a car, to me, is a
living thing. Sometime I talk to my cars and feel that they also talk back and
respond. Your comments?

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Number of posts : 1182
Age : 38
City, Country : Bangalore / IND
LOGAN Model : 1.5DLX Fiery Black - 132,000kms (sold)
ClubLogan Points : 1031
Registration date : 2008-03-17

PostSubject: Re: I am back from my long drive   Thu Aug 11, 2011 7:07 pm

Dr. Keshav,

Your words and the way you involve your car truly indicates the love you have for it.
It's nice to read your write-up as it gives a feeling of a connect between you and your car.

As the kms clock on the counter the Mutual Understanding between you two is only going to get better.

Please keep serving us with write-ups like these. They are a treat to read.
And yes, I did share a link with you on how to upload pictures. That will make it more interesting.

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Newbie Loganizer!
Newbie Loganizer!

Number of posts : 54
Age : 71
City, Country : Shimla, India
LOGAN Model : Verito D4
ClubLogan Points : 76
Registration date : 2011-07-04

PostSubject: Thanks for nice words   Thu Aug 11, 2011 8:39 pm

Dear Vsuprak. I am grateful for the nice words and help. Yes, even inanimate objects are having life. Only a true spiritual person can feel it. I have my old alto, age 10.5 years. It has done more than 2 lakhs kilometers and still I get 20 to 22 Kms per litre. The car never ditched me and I have driven it on roads which were terrible. When I sit, I always strike friendship with my car. I do not know how the readers of this forum will take it. I am a student of science and I can assure you that even inanimate objects do respond. No harm in trying out. If nothing happens, then at least the driver will handle the car with more loving care as if it was his/her own off spring. I believe if all of us treat our cars and other vehicles with loving care on the roads, then the chances of fatal accidents will be minimal. I would appreciate if other members of the forum also share their views about handling styles and what they feel about my suggestions.
Incidently I may add that when my Alto was quite new, I could get 32 Kms per litre (from Shimla to Paonta Sahib, a distance 176 Kms). I drove the car with tender care. I think after Verito does about 6000 Kms or so, I will be able to get 27 Kms per litre or even more. This car has capacity and tolerance. I could have bought Honda City or other such cars, yet Verito stole my head as well as heart. Good day to you all.
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Senior Loganizer!
Senior Loganizer!

Number of posts : 279
Age : 42
City, Country : Gurgaon
LOGAN Model : DLS 2007
ClubLogan Points : 250
Registration date : 2008-02-15

PostSubject: Re: I am back from my long drive   Fri Aug 12, 2011 9:09 pm

Great Job Dr. Keshav, writing usefull review. Its good to hear you are satisfied with the car. Good mileage .... I never got that much in my DLS may be due to the speed factor worked out perfectly for you.

When I drive from Gurgaon to Lucknow I get around 18 kmpl with 100% AC but again most of my speeds are between 100 to 140 kmph due to a deserted NH2 after Firozabad.

The only thing I am jealous about is the clutch. Also as Verito too has same wipers, so you must have felt the pain of having water sprinkled in front of you on wscreen on every wipe and wet corners too.

You must have also noticed the joy of turning on wipers instead of indicators Smile sometime, but its fun - I used to lough Smile

Nevermind keep posting your views pros and cons both.
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Newbie Loganizer!
Newbie Loganizer!

Number of posts : 54
Age : 71
City, Country : Shimla, India
LOGAN Model : Verito D4
ClubLogan Points : 76
Registration date : 2011-07-04

PostSubject: Good to hear from again   Fri Aug 12, 2011 10:04 pm

Dear Ezee. Thanks for the comments. I agree. This is good car for the price and the comfort level. Clutch seems to a bit like wooden. But I am used to such hard clutches in my past cars. Mohindra did not bother about chaging the orientation of various indicators. For a few days I also did the same. Instead of indicators, wiper was operative. But now there is no problem. I am also not worried about the direction of wipers. One has to adjust.

At high speed, fuel consumption is always more as you know. As I have stated a number of times, to keep my fuel bill low (though 90% of the bill is paid by institutions who invite me for lectures or chairing sessions in seminars) and also for enjoyable stress free drive, I drive with moderate speed. I try to avoid night driving as you find more crazy drivers during the dark hours. After the run-in period, I will put this car to real tests and then write a very detailed review.

I wish you also try driving at 75-80 Kms per hour and note the fuel consumption. As I noted in my previous post, I am very careful about the purity and correct quantity of diesel. This also makes much difference and filling the tank at a time when temperature is low, helps a lot. In Shimla, we are already feeling cold. Hence we get more quantity of fuel than what we get in hot plains. What do you say?

I will post some good photographs of Verito, interior and exterior and reverse cam etc. I am going to add reverse sensors as pillar D hampers the view from the cam. A combination of sensors and cam will definitely help me. Any suggestions?

I would like you to come and let us go for a very long drive (till the tank or our pockets become empty) and see how the car behaves. Are you game?

Good day and happy ride.
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Super Loganizer
Super Loganizer

Number of posts : 2502
Age : 66
City, Country : Karlsbad Spielberg Germany Some do not like the way I answer posts .but if you read between the lines you will see sense in what I write
LOGAN Model : DACIA LOGAN 14mpi Lauriette Simply Red
ClubLogan Points : 2090
Registration date : 2008-04-07

PostSubject: Re: I am back from my long drive   Sun Aug 14, 2011 3:41 am

If like us here in Germany the filling station Fuel tanks are underground there will be No difference in fuel temp on filling up
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Newbie Loganizer!
Newbie Loganizer!

Number of posts : 54
Age : 71
City, Country : Shimla, India
LOGAN Model : Verito D4
ClubLogan Points : 76
Registration date : 2011-07-04

PostSubject: Re: I am back from my long drive   Sun Aug 14, 2011 9:58 am

Dear Martin245. I also think that the temperature of underground tanks will be less. I will find out from fuel dealers here and post my comments. Thanks again.

Planning to organise a fun rally of Logan and Verito cars in Shimla, a beautiful hill city, somewhere next month or in October (God willing). Why don't you also come and enjoy?
Have a good day.
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PostSubject: Re: I am back from my long drive   

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I am back from my long drive
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